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We Are Officially Cool, Gartner Cool


At Bringg, we aim to inspire ourselves, customers, partners and even the market to be more. And this past year, we have worked really hard to meet this objective. That’s why it makes me so proud to share that this past week, Bringg was listed as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Food Retail: Catering to New Customer Lifestyles.

This year has been a whirlwind for Bringg, our customers, the ecosystem and every consumer expecting their goods to be delivered to their door. We had to grow really fast, make some big changes, release new products, educate a changing market and so much more. But most importantly, we had to ensure that we provided our customers with the technology and support they needed to get through this unprecedented time.

And together with our customers, we enabled the retail and logistics ecosystem with a usable, accessible and valuable solution – a solution that was recognized by Gartner, a global leading advisory firm. I think that this was the cherry on top of 2020!

According to Gartner’s Joanne Joliet, Senior Director Analyst, “Many retailers still struggle with the last mile as permutations of fulfillment choices expanded to include shipping, click and collect, curbside pickup and delivery – all while trying to excel at multifleet management.” The report continues to say that “Retail CIOs should consider these Cool Vendors that enable retailers to make accurate and speedy business decisions, minimize waste, orchestrate fulfillment flexibility and increase customer loyalty.”

Read the full story: Bringg named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Food Retail

At Bringg, our mission statement answers to just that. We help brands scale up and optimize their business by quickly enabling new fulfillment and delivery models that maximize customer experience, optimize operations and scale up the business. But what does that mean, or what did that mean in 2020….

Now more than ever, today’s consumers demand convenient, flexible fulfillment. This is an entry point for customer loyalty and market share. However, this entry point comes with a high burden to retailers.

Retailers must continue to protect margins and be profitable while carrying the last mile costs, traditionally carried out by the consumer. To do this, companies must digitize and connect their existing supply chain systems, and orchestrate fulfillment models based on machine learning and industry best practices. This requires automation and data analytics.

And that is the heart of Bringg. This is how we help retailers optimize logistics operations for greater cost efficiency while always delivering an exceptional customer experience. This is how retailers will continue to differentiate, meet increasing demand, and gain market share. And this is why I think we are a Cool Vendor.

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