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A bouquet of flowers is a timeless way to surprise a loved one. Florists have the skills, taste and style to create their masterpieces using the most beautiful flowers in the world as a palette for their compositions. The mobile on-demand era has changed the way gifts are ordered and delivered and the flower business, which relies significantly on deliveries, is also evolving with new customer-centric tech to optimize and improve the experience of sending and receiving flowers.


A Better Florist is changing the florist market in Singapore. Founder Steve Feiner moved to Singapore with Google but left the company to start A Better Florist. He saw the opportunity to create a more compelling and satisfactory experience as a result of his own experiences with unreliable and delayed flower deliveries.A Better Florist source directly from flower farms in the Cameron Highlands to offer the freshest product imaginable at an affordable price.

Their intuitive website means that in just a few clicks anyone can send an arrangement of fresh flowers. The company has taken the time to make every aspect of the A Better Florist experience simply beautiful. And a big part of that outstanding experience relies on their ability to optimize and manage their delivery logistics – and the visibility between the company, the fleet of 25 drivers, the buyers and the recipients.

From a customer standpoint, the offer looks neat and simple. You pick a bouquet from any device, choose a delivery date, pay and it gets delivered on time for free. If you need it right away, the whole checkout process takes 2 minutes and the flowers are delivered within 90 minutes.

Bringg technology equipped A Better Florist with the technology needed to manage all orders and deliveries – tracking orders, communicating with customers and helping drivers manage deliveries. More importantly, the customer-facing touch-points that A Better florist created with Bringg help them generate a distinctive and superior customer experience.


By leveraging Bringg’s technology to manage and optimize their entire delivery funnel, A Better Florist increased customer satisfaction by 50% – the company uses Bringg to send email notifications to customers with a link to track their bouquet in real time.

What’s more, as proof of delivery, drivers are tasked to take a picture of the recipients holding their new flowers which then is sent via email to the customer who made the purchase. Instead of collecting a signature, they are able to capture a moment of joy and surprise through their Bringg app. But optimizations go beyond customer experience.

A Better Florist was able to increase efficiency by 30% as a result of having the ability to assign the right orders to the right driver through Bringg’s dashboard – something which was done manually in the past.

An additional 10% of efficiency from driver’s time was gained through routing and mapping via Bringg App, where they can see all the details about the recipient and their location without having to rely on paper maps and scattered sources of information.

In a business environment where speed and customer service are key to success, A Better Florist are exemplary on how better logistics and transparency can disrupt a market. Transparency across their supply chain from every angle of their ordering and delivery funnel had a significant impact across their entire business operation. They can now focus on making their company bloom, efficiently delivering beauty and smiles across Singapore.

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