4 Reasons You Need Visibility Over Your Fleet of Drivers

We often talk about how customer visibility over the delivery process is of paramount importance nowadays. However, of equal importance is the ability to communicate and track your fleet of drivers as well. One without the other will not work.

There are many, many reasons that visibility over driver fleets is important, but here are four that we wanted to highlight:

  • Ensure On-Time Delivery

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In the era of Uber and Amazon, delivering orders in a timely fashion, within the time frame the are promised, is critical. An efficient operation will enable you to get orders to their final destination on-time, but only if an open line of communication is established between the warehouse or dispatch location and drivers.

If, for example, a driver gets lost, being able to see where that driver is and help him or her get back on route without being late will decrease late orders significantly.

Having the technological capability to get alerts when drivers are late enables businesses to make sure to rectify the situation as quickly as possible, and learn from previous mistakes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

  • Measure Distance Traveled On-Shift

Often times drivers are paid based on distance driven. These miles are more or less based on the honor system – a driver comes every day/week/month with the amount of distance they have driven and they are paid accordingly.

However, mistakes happen.

Businesses with fleets of drivers, large or small, need to have a centralized system that tracks things like how many miles drivers have traveled. In doing so, mistakes are less likely to happen.

  • Use Case: One Driver Serving Multiple Locations

There are instances with businesses, such as restaurant chains, restaurant delivery services, and couriers where there is one driver that picks up deliveries from multiple locations – this means there are many moving parts, lots of opportunities for complications and confusion.

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Given the complicated nature of a use-case such as this, having full visibility over driver fleets – all drivers, where they are at any given time, and most importantly knowing when they will return back to “home base” is crucial.

  • Decrease Friction

One of the greatest friction points during the delivery process is having customers call wondering where their driver is, when their order will arrive etc. Having full visibility over driver fleets, via a real-time dashboard enables dispatch to provide that kind of information to customers immediately.

It should be noted that the ideal scenario is providing customers with an SMS message that opens an HTML 5 application showing a real-time map of the driver, giving accurate ETAs, is the best possible solution to reducing friction.

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