The Biggest Delivery Adventure – Panera Bread’s Epic 9,000 Mile Trip, Powered by Bringg


One delivery vehicle. 9,000 miles of deliveries. The ultimate GPS sandwich.

This week a brave delivery driver is embarking on the adventure of a lifetime to promote Panera Bread deliveries across the US. This epic journey takes a very special route as the driver travels across the US creating a huge sandwich-shape route that will cover many cities including Dallas, Nashville, Kansas City and St. Louis.

As part of the campaign, anyone that lives along the route will be able to get a delivery from Panera Bread. You can follow the journey on Panera’s Twitter feed. We love how Panera’s team is using the Bringg platform in creative ways to have fun with such an epic and interactive campaign.

Panera’s innovations are getting national recognition with the Interactive Customer Experience Association (ICX) giving them the “Influencer Of The Year” award for continued dedication to creating innovative and engaging in-store and digital experiences. Kyle Phillips, Panera’s director of delivery systems, accepted the award saying “I’m just proud to be part of the multiyear effort to take Panera from a manual restaurant to the experiential and digital restaurant it is today.”

As part of their efforts, the brand launched (and this year went national with) Panera Delivery which is supported by Bringg’s cutting-edge order tracking technology. In general, since the inception of its Panera 2.0 program in 2014, digital sales have climbed to 26 percent of total company sales—the highest rate in the restaurant industry outside of the pizza segment—with 1.2 million digital orders placed each week.

As deliveries take center stage for most leading restaurant chains around the globe, the marketing activity to promote this are bound to become increasingly ambitious and exciting. We look forward to seeing how Panera and the rest of the industry find new ways to innovate and engage with customers – mixing creativity and technology in surprising ways.

Bringg Team