3 Ways SMS Notifications Enhance Last Mile Deliveries

We’re seeing incredible growth in the eCommerce space. A by-product of that growth is the greater pressure on shipping companies to not only ship greater quantities of goods, but to do so in shorter periods of time and providing a better experience to the end-customer. Last mile deliveries today require greater investments in time, resources and technology than ever before.

Research shows that visibility is the number one driver of innovation within the logistics space. That visibility encompasses both internal (visibility over your own supply chain) and external (customers having visibility over last mile deliveries). SMS notifications have emerged as a novel solution to the latter.

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The basic premise of SMS notifications in this context is that once an order has been placed and/or the delivery process has been started, the end-customer gets a notification via SMS letting them know. A most effective strategy is to include a link within the SMS that opens a real-time map on their phone, allowing them to follow the delivery process – having full visibility.

There are three ways that SMS notifications enhance Last Mile Deliveries

  • Reliability

Given the expanding competitive environment in the online retail space, a perception of reliability is needed in order to retain customers. Reliability is particularly important since, in the past, online retail shipping partners struggled to deliver on time. For example, during Christmas in both 2013 and this past year.

Providing an SMS notification that a delivery is on its way, which in turn gives a much more precise ETA, instills a sense of reliability that helps build trust over time.

  • Optimization

Friction – in today’s world it is just something that can’t be tolerated. In the context of deliveries, friction is created when end-customers have to call in to ask where their deliveries are and when they will arrive. At scale, dealing with this is not only an annoyance, but a huge burden to the overall supply chain. Having to take dispatchers or others away from their assigned tasks to try to track down information about deliveries for individual customers is a point of friction that could cost millions, if not hundreds of millions.

SMS notifications is a simple yet extremely effective solution to this. By giving customers a granular view of their deliveries directly from their phones, they are no longer required to call in to find out more information.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Consumers today are willing to pay up to 86% more for a better customer experience. Essentially, the more satisfied a customer is with their overall delivery experience, the more they would be willing to pay in the future. There is nothing more satisfying to a customer than having all the information he or she needs at the tips of their fingers. Additionally, an SMS message instills a sense of personal connection with the company, making the end-customer feel appreciated.

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