Upcoming Webinar: The 7 Best Practices for Scaling Successful Delivery Operations


Bringg’s upcoming webinar on February 12th, 2019 will cover a crucial topic for companies from any industry looking to build and scale their delivery operations. As more companies come to realize that last mile delivery optimization is crucial to their revenue and growth, a new issue arises of how to cost-effectively scale delivery to multiple branches, regions or even countries, at a quick, efficient pace without maxing out resources. This webinar will dive into some of the best practices for building a scalable delivery operation, and point out some common pitfalls and unforeseen issues that could arise during the pre-scale to scale phase.

As few businesses have successfully scaled a well-orchestrated delivery operation, Bringg’s Product Solutions Architect and Head of Product Marketing will share how to use the ability to scale quickly and efficiently as a strategic advantage. You will also get a chance to hear first hand how some well-known global companies are achieving scale at such a rapid pace and doing it successfully.

Join us on February 12th at 10-10:30am EDT

Bringg Team

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