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4 industries soon to be disrupted by Amazon’s deliveries

Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods sent shock waves through the grocery retail industry. But there are other retail verticals which also have huge potential to grow through customer-centric solutions that perfect their last-mile logistics.

Check Out Bringg’s Global Event Schedule for June 2017

Bringg’s schedule is packed with exciting events held across the world this June! If you want to learn more about how our customer-centric logistics technology solution is helping top global brands achieve logistical excellence across their delivery ecosystems, schedule a quick 15 minute demo with our team at one our June events.

Upcoming Session: How Coca-Cola Moved to On-Demand Operations for the Last-Mile

See you at D3 in NYC on May 15th! 

MonkeyMedia Software: Optimizing Deliveries

Erle Dardick, owner at Tony’s Deli, and eventually founder & CEO at MonkeyMedia Software, realized, his retail point-of-sale register did not have the functionality to manage the complexities of his off-premise service channels. 

Bigger & Better: inside Bringg’s redesigned HQ

As our company quickly expands and the Bringg team grows, we’ve doubled the size of our Tel Aviv headquarters. And we’re doing it in style to make sure every Bringgster has the best space to work and support our customers around the world as they optimize their deliveries with our technology.


Bringpro is the Orange County's premier on-call professional delivery and installation company. Founded in 2015, bringpro has grown quickly, as many designers regularly use our service to simplify their delivery and installation logistics.

Bringg Conference Schedule: March 2017

The Bringg team will be attending key conferences around the world throughout 2017. This March, we'll be in Nashville, Atlanta, Amsterdam and San Francisco.

The Best Christmas Campaigns in the World of Delivery

It’s that  time of year again, tis the season to deliver. Deliver companies are upping their game to spread the holiday cheer. This year these 5 delivery companies took the extra step to convince consumers that they should be the ones to spread the joy:

Singles Day in China and What US Retailers Can Learn

"Singles" day in China, similar to Valentines day elsewhere, used to just be a day to get random gifts for friends or go out to eat. However, Jack Ma of Alibaba had a grander vision. He saw what Amazon and other online retailers were able to do with Cyber Monday and decided to capitalize. Fast forward a few years, this past Singles Day raked in a whopping $18 Billion in Sales.

Walmart Brings Same-Day Delivery to China

Earlier this year, Walmart sold off some of its Chinese eCommerce assets to a local Chinese company - seen by many as Walmart's capitulation that they could not compete in a market as "difficult" as China. However, we now see that China is being far more aggressive in the Chinese market than anyone had imagined.

[REPORT] The Future of Last Mile

Recently, McKinsey published an incredibly in-depth report on the current state and future of last mile delivery. If you are a logistics and supply chain professional, I highly recommend you read the entire report - it provides truly valuable insights.

REPORT: Walmart to Invest $1 Billion in Flipkart

Well, it seems the turf war over online retail and distribution in India is reaching a boiling point.