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The Logistics of Love

While many retailers are still relatively new to the world of delivery, many of the retailers that focus on Valentine’s Day products have mastered the art of delivery for decades.

Bringg Financing Round: Global Media Highlights

It’s been an exciting week here at Bringg as we announced our latest financing round from Salesforce Ventures, automotive leader Dr. Shmuel Harlap, and shipping and real estate magnate Eyal Ofer (via O.G. Tech Ventures).

[Chain Store Age Webinar] 7 Steps to Building State-of-the-art Retail Delivery Operations

The webinar will present the best practices retailers need to follow in order to successfully build state-of-the-art delivery operations

Pharmacies Could Be Under Threat From Amazon, What Can They Do About It?

Pharma sales are booming. In 2015 alone, US pharmacy and drugstore sales amounted to approximately 263 billion U.S. dollars.

Meet Bringg at The Post-Expo in Geneva

Bringg will be attending the Post-Expo event in Geneva, Switzerland on Sept. 26-28th. The event will provide an opportunity for post and parcel companies, couriers, logistics companies and the like, to discuss industry trends and build relationships.

[Free Webinar] How to Achieve Restaurant Delivery Excellence

The restaurant industry is currently going through unprecedented change with delivery as one of the fastest-moving trends in its history.

[Free Webinar] Amazon Has Changed The Rules: Transform Now or Get Left Behind

The delivery landscape is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up, but it’s clear that those who do not adapt will get left behind. What strategic logistical changes do companies need to make in order to remain viable?

3 Ways To Build Loyalty Through Your Supply Chain

According to research done at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, up to 15% of a business’s most loyal customers account for 55-70% of its total sales. Loyalty is a feeling that comes from experiencing brand love in different ways, from special in-store experiences to discounts or vouchers.

6 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer at Bringg

As temperatures soar and the days get longer, we're gearing up to a spectacular summer season. Our team keeps growing and this year's Annual Beach Day was the best one yet.

Upcoming Webinar: Retail Trends in the Age of Digitalization

Like many sectors, the retail landscape has been drastically transformed, changing the rules of engagement, creating new battlegrounds, and compelling retailers to respond with speed and pervasiveness to ensure that they will stay relevant for the long term.

Democratizing Deliveries: The World Is Your Platform

As retailers around the world improve their delivery logistics capabilities, they face major strategic challenges when deciding how to manage their delivery operations. Build an in-house fleet or outsource it? Need delivery partners, such as 3PLs, to scale?

Don’t Miss the Disrupt Logistics Hackathon in Chicago!

Meet us at North America’s most high-level gathering of logistics executives and their manufacturer and retailer supply chain counterparts to discuss trends & challenges in the logistics & supply chain industry.