Bringpro is the Orange County’s premier on-call professional delivery and installation company. Founded in 2015, bringpro has grown quickly, as many designers regularly use our service to simplify their delivery and installation logistics.

Leveraging technology to improve their customers’ experience, bringpro has developed systems that allow designers to post their job requests online or through an app. Additionally, customers enjoy real-time vehicle tracking with accurate ETA notices, so there never is a valuable minute wasted.

The bringpro team understands that every delivery experience needs to be professional. Whether it’s a single pickup that must be handled immediately or an entire house that needs to be packed up and moved, bringpro will complete the project quickly, efficiently and professionally.

As the business grew, bringpro realised they were spending too much time developing their technology and not enough time building their business. In addition, customers were demanding and suggesting many technological improvements to their service such as ETA and delivery status to stay up to date with their orders.

That’s when bringpro decided to integrate with Bringg’s delivery management platform – which helped them optimize their logistics, offer full transparency to their customers and seamlessly connect with their existing systems from the get go.
bringpro was looking for three key attributes in a delivery management platform:

  1. Efficiency

  2. Scalability

  3. Great user experience

Bringg not only ticked all these requirements but also gave bringpro the ability to schedule multiple way-points which helped them optimize their operations even further. With Bringg, bringpro can follow their trucks via the dashboard, know the ETAs for all orders in real time and quickly customize the UX to match their branding.

The frictionless awareness of Bringg’s dashboard means that the team can check the status of all drivers and all orders from their dashboard in HQ without wasting time or disrupting drivers. This resulted in a decrease in phone calls to the dispatching team by more than 40% – improving business efficiency and customer service simultaneously.

Having a robust solution that could handle unlimited queries was crucial for bringpro as they grow nationally. Bringg’s scalability makes the company future-proof so it can grow as the business expands.

Bringg’s platform has helped bringpro optimize and has generated an average of 20% more revenue per driver per day through increased routing efficiency. This has had a trickle-down effect on the entire operation, from fuel costs to employee expenses.

In addition, bringpro has an open dialogue with Bringg’s Development and Success teams. This has resulted in new features on the Bringg platform which are now used by bringpro as well as other Bringg customers in similar use cases.

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