London-based alcohol delivery company Booze-Up is revolutionizing the face of the drink market in and around the UK’s capital, offering around the clock delivery at a time that suits their customers, day or night. Fast, easy and affordable, Booze-Up’s innovative 24/7 on-demand service delivers within 15-35 minutes of an order being placed.

The meteoric rise of on-demand services such as Uber, JustEat and Deliveroo has seen UK’s consumers realize the benefits of quickly and easily placing orders for a variety of services, right from the comfort of their own homes. With over 11 million adults living in and around the London area, Booze-Up has seen the number of orders and repeat customers grow exponentially, as consumers enjoy the convenience and flexibility of the service.Image result for booze up logo

Booze-Up needed an on-demand delivery management platform that could help them grow, while keeping this ultra-fast delivery operation. Bringg enabled Booze Up to offer a more efficient delivery service by providing GPS tracking along with a superior user experience. The team is now able to get a more transparent view of their entire operation, which helps them make accurate decisions to optimize their logistics – in order to improve delivery times and overall customer service. Bringg’s delivery management platform allowed Booze-Up to accomplish the near impossible: a 4-minute delivery, a new company record.

Bringg’s modular, open platform enabled Booze-Up to deliver in a smart, friction-less way while creating the kind of customer experience that consumers now expect. As a result Booze-Up has the competitive edge on this fast-growing industry, significantly improving their customer service with a suite of tools such as real-time tracking of drivers, SMS notifications to customers and the ability to rate their driver and delivery experience.

Booze-Up provides people in London with a 24-hour delivery service, which means no more heading out in bad weather, no more missing store closing times, no more getting off the sofa when you need a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

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