The Best Christmas Campaigns in the World of Delivery

It’s that  time of year again, tis the season to deliver. Deliver companies are upping their game to spread the holiday cheer. This year these 5 delivery companies took the extra step to convince consumers that they should be the ones to spread the joy:

  1. Amazon Prime, UK  

Amazon surprised thousands with a powerful Christmas advert showing the friendship between a Christian Vicar and a Muslim Imam.

  1. Domino’s, Japan

Domino’s Japan is training reindeer that will pull sleds packing fresh pizza around the country. Each reindeer-powered sled will be equipped with the company’s GPS Driver Tracker, a system which allows customers to watch delivery people in real time as they make deliveries. In the case of the reindeer deliveries, the icons on the app’s map (below) will be changed to reindeer icons beginning in December.

  1. FedEx, US:

For the 11th year, FedEx will collect the trees from various farms and deliver them to troops at military bases across the U.S. and in Guam.


  1. Argos, UK:

The popular UK retailer Argos  is sparing no expense to ensure same-day delivery for their customers, even if it requires teaching yetis how to skate. The chain has pulled out all the stops to create a show-stopping advert featuring a group of 8ft ice-skating yetis.

  1. Uber, Australia:

In partnership with DrinkWise, Uber is handing out more than $1 million worth of free rides at hundreds of licensed venues in Sydney and Melbourne. Promotional staff will hand out vouchers at pubs, clubs and bars throughout December and January, to be used on the night or at another time as needed. Read more

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