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Double-Edged Sword from Seattle

Is Amazon as truly hands-off a player as they would like to seem - portraying themselves as an intermediary, neutral marketplace connecting supply and demand?

Get more from your data: Creating Bringg Insights

In our latest feature spotlight, Lior Sion discusses how Bringg Insights helps executives put their delivery data to work.

Guy Bloch and Eyefortransport: Forecasts in Last-Mile Delivery (Podcast)

Bringg's CEO Guy Bloch talks with Eyefortransport about delivery challenges, opportunities, and how to gain a competitive advantage.

Amazon’s One-Day Delivery: What it Means for Retailers

3 takeaways on Amazon's announcement and what it says about the market, consumers, and retail today.

We’re Excited to Announce $25 Million in Series C Funding Round

We’re excited to announce a Series C funding round of $25M with new investor Next47, the Siemens-backed global venture firm, alongside our well-known existing investors.

Meet Bringg this fall in Philadelphia, London, Texas, Hamburg and Las Vegas!

The Bringg team will be attending multiple restaurant, retail and supply chain conferences around the world this fall. If you are planning to attend any of these events, get in touch so we can meet.

Upcoming Webinar: The 7 Best Practices for Scaling Successful Delivery Operations

This webinar will dive into some of the best practices for building a scalable delivery operation and point out common pitfalls or unforeseen issues that could arise during the pre-scale to scale phase.

6 Ways To Survive the Summer at Bringg HQ

Life at Bringg is continually getting more exciting with events, activities and celebrations to ensure we invest time to stimulate mind, body and soul. So here are a few highlights of Summer 2018 (so far!)

Online Marketplace Wars: How eBay is fighting back against mounting pressure from Amazon

Today, about 52% of eBay merchants are also Amazon merchants, down from 65% in 2017, as sellers have become very keen to tap into Amazon Prime’s 100 million subscribers. The bottom line is that eBay needs to rethink its strategy to remain relevant with both buyers and sellers.

Louis Vuitton Hackathon: 48 Hours to Unlock Operational Excellence

Earlier this month, Louis Vuitton invited Bringg to participate in a 2-day hackathon hosted at their Europa warehouse. As the world’s biggest luxury retail brand, their customers expect the best service with no compromise. The challenge at hand was to improve and develop the Louis Vuitton delivery standard, providing customers with groundbreaking and exceptional services – extending the brand’s world-class luxury customer experience.

LinkedIn Podcast: Fifteen with Founder ft. Raanan Cohen

Jon Schwartz and and Adam Weitman from Linkedin have launched a brand new podcast series to interview inspiring founders and learn about their journey in a dynamic 15-minute interview.

Meet us next week in UK, Berlin and Las Vegas!

As conference season gears up, our team will be attending four events simultaneously next week, including some of the most important events for our various industries on both sides of the Atlantic. Our team will be in Berlin, Birmingham and Las Vegas - if you’d like to meet us don’t hesitate to reach out!