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The Integration of Bringg

One question we come across quite often here at Bringg is “Will your solution integrate with what I have today?” A valid question indeed, as it stems from the concern of resources wasted. All companies spend time, money and thought in the creation of business operations.

A Conversation About Drones

On our last "Logistically Speaking" podcast, we had an interesting and expansive discussion with Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing at Cerasis. As part of that wide-ranging conversation, the topic of Drones for last mile deliveries was brought up.

The Logistics of the iPhone 7 Launch

Technology, the economy, the environment... with so many changes going on, it's important for logistics and supply chain professionals to realize that our industry is changing too. The first step to knowing that you need to change is to realize that there is a gap in the way your supply chain is managed.

Supply Chain and Technology: a Match Made By Necessity

The discipline of supply chain management is as old as the industrial revolution; maybe even older. Such deeply entrenched and highly researched fields tend to have a more difficult time adapting to new realities. Supply chain and technology are like two peas in a pod.

Restocking Goods in the Age of On-Demand

In the age of on-demand, more and more unique use-cases are emerging that are expanding the way most people view on-demand.

Can Postal and Parcel Delivery Services Retain Their Positions?

We've written extensively about Amazon's moves to own their entire supply chain, including the last mile. Based on a secret internal document outlining their plan to become a full fledged shipping company, as well as some obvious moves they've already made towards that end, it's clear that Amazon is well on there way.

The Drone Delivery Wars, Now Big in Japan

Drones... the word itself sounds a bit ominous, probably because of their initially intended usage. But as with many technological advancements of our time, the battlefield was only the first use-case. Only a few years ago, the idea of having goods dropped at your home by a drone seemed unrealistic... even ludicrous. But now many people in the industry not only don't laugh at the concept, they are quite adamant about its eventual large-scale application.

Are Drones Going to Take Over Last Mile Delivery? (Spoiler: Not any time soon)

Drones - even the name sounds ominous. Drones have been around far longer than most people realize, mostly because they were top-secret military weapons since the Mid-1960s. It's only in the last decade that drones, from a military perspective, have become widely known.