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Curbside Pickup: Navigating the #NewNormal

COVID-19 has accelerated the customer demand on grocery to adopt digital offerings. Many supermarkets are experiencing 100% week-over-week growth. However many are struggling to meet the demand. Here we examine the main challenges around curbside delivery operations and how to address these issues to increase eCommerce fulfillment and capacity while improving profitability.

In Grocery Fulfillment, Flexible Delivery Flows are Your Secret Weapon

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest grocers to identify and address these challenges with technology and processes that will help grocers position themselves in the post-Coronavirus era. Click to learn more.

Tracking Chain of Custody and Proof of Delivery in Grocery

With rapidly growing delivery and curbside volumes, tracking the chain of custody and proof of delivery across every team and channel becomes increasingly challenging. Click to learn more.

Deliv Down. How the Future of Crowdsource Fleets Affects Retailers

Target buying Deliv was all the hype in business news last week. I mean I get it. Target aims for the big boys like Walmart and Amazon, by purchasing new technology to increase the speed and efficiency of deliveries. More on how the future of crowdsourcing affects retail.

Customer Tracking: The Technology behind Bringg’s Curbside Pickup Solution

Bringg’s curbside pickup solution takes into account all of the resources involved - including - customers, orders, inventory, and store staff - and uses technology to create an efficient curbside pickup flow. Click to learn more.

How We Support Driver Safety: The Bringg Driver App

When building the Bringg Driver App, we prioritized driver safety as much as driver efficiency. The resulting features are the result of years working with leading fleets around the world to understand and address driver and business safety concerns.

A Digital Lifeline for SMBs, and How we are Helping

To provide greater value to SMBs and Mid-market companies, we will focus on growing our network and connecting with more e-commerce platforms to make it even easier for any business to turn digital and gain back some of what has been taken by giants.

Funding Fundamentals

A few months ago, Marketing came up with a creative idea... At every tradeshow I went to, I would interview industry leaders and share them with you on my blog... then Corona happened and here we are with Zoom interviews.

Technology Solutions to COVID-19’s Logistics Challenges

With retail foot traffic in dramatic decline, we are seeing unprecedented growth in digital order demand. Enterprise retailers, restaurants, grocers and pharmacies are turning to customer pickup to supplement their limited delivery capacity.

A $30 Million Vote of Confidence

I am so excited to share that today we announced a series D funding of $30 million bringing our total funding to over $83 million. The round, led by Viola Growth and including Salesforce, OG Tech Ventures, Next47 and GLP was in the making for a while. And then Coronavirus hit.

The World of Retail in a Post Covid-19 Era

Looking to draw on the COVID-19, this era should act as a transformational wake-up call for retail to ensure continued growth and success for the future.

The Day After- The New “Delivery” Norm that Lies Ahead

To be positioned for “day after” success, businesses need to evaluate new fulfillment models like BOPIS, curbside pickup, and on-demand delivery, all trending with the onset of COVID-19.