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The Drone Delivery Wars, Now Big in Japan

Drones... the word itself sounds a bit ominous, probably because of their initially intended usage. But as with many technological advancements of our time, the battlefield was only the first use-case. Only a few years ago, the idea of having goods dropped at your home by a drone seemed unrealistic... even ludicrous. But now many people in the industry not only don't laugh at the concept, they are quite adamant about its eventual large-scale application.

Are Drones Going to Take Over Last Mile Delivery? (Spoiler: Not any time soon)

Drones - even the name sounds ominous. Drones have been around far longer than most people realize, mostly because they were top-secret military weapons since the Mid-1960s. It's only in the last decade that drones, from a military perspective, have become widely known.