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The World of Retail in a Post Covid-19 Era

Looking to draw on the COVID-19, this era should act as a transformational wake-up call for retail to ensure continued growth and success for the future.

A $30 Million Vote of Confidence

I am so excited to share that today we announced a series D funding of $30 million bringing our total funding to over $83 million. The round, led by Viola Growth and including Salesforce, OG Tech Ventures, Next47 and GLP was in the making for a while. And then Coronavirus hit.

The Day After- The New “Delivery” Norm that Lies Ahead

To be positioned for “day after” success, businesses need to evaluate new fulfillment models like BOPIS, curbside pickup, and on-demand delivery, all trending with the onset of COVID-19.

When the customers come to you: Optimizing Pickup, Click & Collect, and Drive Thru

Businesses looking to integrate their eCommerce fulfillment with expanded offerings such as curbside pickup and click and collect know it isn't a simple task. By adopting delivery orchestration, businesses can see a clear picture of to better execute a greater customer experience.

5 Ways to Improve Delivery When Demand Exceeds Capacity

We’ve developed a number of capabilities to help our customers proactively tackle overflow demand and improve efficiency at scale.

Ensuring Delivery Safety During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Here are the five key elements of maintaining delivery safety and continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walmart Fulfillment is a Closed Game

To compete head to head with Amazon, Walmart introduces its own fulfillment services to cater to the greater marketplace.

How Redirecting Deliveries to PUDOs Improves Efficiency and Convenience

"Businesses can easily offer better customer experiences - and reduce the heavy cost of missed deliveries - with no additional development. Here's how.

Same Day, Next Day Delivery: Micro-Logistics at a Macro-Economic Scale

The modern supply chain was built for an era of limited supply, where customers came to the retailer. However with the rise of eCommerce, supply is no longer limited, it is virtual, always available.

Modernizing Field Service to Meet Today’s Customer Expectations

A new class of digital solutions are helping field service providers meet unprecedented expectations for flexibility, speed and transparency.

The Missing Pieces of Data for Delivery Orchestration

Delivery providers need to move away from pen and paper and look to automate the scheduling and routing of these deliveries, thereby improving their overall delivery operations.

AutoZone Drives Success in the Supply Chain

AutoZone has been innovating heavily in building up the supply chain needed to compete in commercial parts supply, and from investors’ assumptions, it looks like they are doing it quite well.