Roundtable Series: Customer Success Meetup

On June 20, Bringg hosted a meetup of senior customer success executives. We asked Nimrod Azner, Scale Group Leader of Bringg’s Customer Success (CS) team, to talk about what customer success is, and how dialogue can help CS leaders ensure optimal value for their customers.

Can you talk about the meetup? What did attendees speak about?

Nimrod: The purpose of the roundtable was to create a space for a dialogue between execs in the CS world. It’s a way to share best practices, ideas and different customer success approaches with other companies.

We mainly focused on ‘high touch’ CS management strategy: why and when to use it, as well as the benefits that we and the customers achieve. We also discussed customer success manager versus account manager roles and responsibilities, the importance of identifying the right champion, and more.

Let's take a step back. What is customer success? Is it the same thing as customer support?

Not at all. Customer success is an organizational approach that puts the customer in the center and helps customers get the maximum value out of a product or service.

In order to be successful, this approach should be incorporated in the entire business and all business functions, from sales and marketing, to product and any other unit in the organization.

This is easier said than done, but we truly believe in its effectiveness and the results we can achieve with it, both in terms of our customers’ ability to meet their goals and the positive word-of-mouth growth for us that results from it.

““How do you make sure you provide the most significant value to your customers? How do you measure that value?”

That’s the core of customer success.”

Nimrod Azner
Scale Group Leader, Customer Success at Bringg

What was the most memorable thing about the meetup for you?

There was one moment in particular. Someone said that one of the things they’re trying to do in their company is to reduce the number of handovers (the number of times a customer is passed from representative to representative).

When the sales process ends, there should be a single point of contact that can develop a long-term relationship with the customer. They are the customer’s partner in every way. Companies that build that connection between a success member and a customer can capitalize on it by building a greater level of trust than they would otherwise have.

The challenge is finding ways to introduce a long-term success partner to the customer at an earlier point in the relationship with that company. It’s an interesting question, and one that many companies should think about if they want to establish as much mutual trust as possible with their customers.

“It was a great opportunity for discourse between companies and people who are dealing with similar challenges.”

Chilik Hochberg
VP Customer Success at Cognigo,
Bringg CS Roundtable attendee

Chilik Hochberg VP Customer Success Cognigo

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