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6 Must-Haves To Deliver in the On-Demand Era

Tech investor and thought leader Semil Shah wrote a fantastic piece earlier this year titled “The On-Demand Stack.” In the post, Semil described the paradigm shift in consumer behavior and expectations, in which they now can get what they want when they want it, and know exactly where it is along the way.

The Black Friday Effect

It happens every year - Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and with it comes the most insane form of consumerism the world has ever seen.

The On-Demand Experience: 6 Fundamentals

The on-demand economy has ushered in an entirely new era. With it, the expectations of consumers have changed drastically, and businesses need to keep up. The reason for this is that companies like Uber, Postmates and others are eating their lunch (so to speak).