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How To Cope With Seasonal Demand

In 2013 alone, an estimated 2 million packages went undelivered by UPS and FedEx. What should have been their best month of the year turned into an unmitigated disaster. While UPS and FedEx have taken steps to ensure that this holiday fiasco never happens again, their shortcomings required them to lower their profit forecast for the following year.

Walmart Brings Same-Day Delivery to China

Earlier this year, Walmart sold off some of its Chinese eCommerce assets to a local Chinese company - seen by many as Walmart's capitulation that they could not compete in a market as "difficult" as China. However, we now see that China is being far more aggressive in the Chinese market than anyone had imagined.

Now That We Have a Winner, Where Does Shipping Stand?

Well, it’s finally over – the next United States President has been chosen. Whether you are devastated or elated today, we all now must digest the reality. Personal feelings aside

4 Decades of Change in the Transportation of Goods

The movement of the packages from point A to point B, which really isn't rocket science, has now become very complicated in that the primary carrier in the United States has made it very complicated to figure out what it's going to cost.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Amazon’s Potential Path to Phasing Out 3PLs

We've written extensively about Amazon and their ever-more-obvious plan to phase out reliance on third party partners to do last mile shipping. Most recently, The Wall Street Journal took a deeper look at Amazon's shipping and logistics operations and found that, due in large part to massive growth in building of warehouses all over the US, the company now does its own deliveries in at least 21 states.

4 Reasons You Need Visibility Over Your Fleet of Drivers

We often talk about how customer visibility over the delivery process is of paramount importance nowadays. However, of equal importance is the ability to communicate and track your fleet of drivers as well. One without the other will not work. There are many, many reasons that visibility over driver fleets is important, but here are four that we wanted to highlight:

The Shift to a “Convenience Market”

The following is an excerpt from a recent interview with Marcus Hoed, co-founder of Dutch Express, a NYC based courier service. To listen to the entire conversation, you can stream or download the podcast here.

5 Customer Centric Supply Chain Metrics

Traditional Supply Chain Metrics are relatively well known, but in the age of empowered consumers, customer centric supply chains have become more important. Within the context of customer centric supply chains, it's important to look at these supply chain metrics as they relate to the customer centric model.

Creating a Competitive Advantage With Engagement & Efficiency

We live in a new age: the age of the empowered consumer. This means that customers expect to have the power to pick and choose items on their own, as well as have full visibility over every stage of the supply chain - including delivery.

Amazon and Atlas Air: a Match Made in the Sky

In its second such deal in the last 12 months, Amazon has announced a deal with Atlas Air, the Air Cargo Carrier, for the leasing of 20 Boeing jets. Sound familiar? That's because not that long ago, Amazon made a similar deal with an Ohio based company for the same amount of planes.

Amazon’s Plan to Own The Sky

Amazon's got a plan, and it seems that they are starting to execute on it. The plan is to take its strategy of becoming a full fledged shipping company to the skies... with the birds.

Word on the Street is Amazon is Expanding Same-Day Delivery

Global, local, and hyperlocal - Amazon has slowly but surely been establishing itself in the delivery space. One of its most ambitious projects is same-day delivery called "Prime Now" which provides local delivery as quickly as one-hour. Until now, the service was only available on the Prime Now mobile applications, which was not popular among the Prime paying users. According to Bloomberg, this spring it will be available on their web site, so it can be accessed via desktop.