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Delivery Takes Center Stage In These 4 Christmas Campaigns

With Christmas just round the corner, advertising campaigns are in full force with retailers hoping to get a piece of the action.

European (and Many Other) Retailers Fail to Meet Customer Expectations for Delivery Alternatives

A wide range of delivery alternatives is one of the most decisive factors for an e-commerce operation to succeed. Convenience and flexibility are at the heart of what makes online shopping more appealing to many customers than visiting a store.

Should FedEx and UPS fear Amazon’s new delivery service? What can 3PLs do about it?

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Amazon is testing its own delivery service to rival UPS and FedEx. Their new “Seller Flex” service will focus on the pickup of packages from warehouses of third-party Amazon merchants and their delivery to customers’ homes.

Punctuality in The Supply Chain: When Early Deliveries Become as Problematic as Late Deliveries

Tightening deadlines and delivery policies show the importance of managing and optimizing the flow of products throughout the supply chain. Wal-Mart is now in a position where they must reduce inventory, and de-clutter warehouses and store back rooms across their 4,700 US locations.

My Coke Express: Restocking Merchants On-Demand

Transforming Resupply From Multi-day to Same/Next day Delivery. Ho Chi Minh city is the biggest city by population in Vietnam, as well as the nation’s leading economic center. It’s a key strategic market for The Coca-Cola Company...

Democratizing Deliveries: The World Is Your Platform

As retailers around the world improve their delivery logistics capabilities, they face major strategic challenges when deciding how to manage their delivery operations. Build an in-house fleet or outsource it? Need delivery partners, such as 3PLs, to scale?

4 industries soon to be disrupted by Amazon’s deliveries

Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods sent shock waves through the grocery retail industry. But there are other retail verticals which also have huge potential to grow through customer-centric solutions that perfect their last-mile logistics.

Communicating Efficiently Throughout the Supply Chain

The world of logistics is a fascinating jigsaw in which the latest technological innovations play a key role in the push to constantly improve the delivery of good

A Better Florist

The mobile on-demand era has changed the way gifts are ordered and delivered and the flower business, which relies significantly on deliveries, is also evolving with new customer-centric tech to optimize and improve the experience of sending and receiving flowers.

Holiday Shopping Patterns Have Changed– Delivery Logistics Must Adapt

Christmas is the busiest shipping week of the year for many countries including the US, UK and most of Europe. This puts a strain on the capacity and operations of companies where delivery plays a key role in their supply chain.

Santa Partners with Bringg to Optimize Christmas Deliveries

St. Nicolas is the latest high-profile figure to adopt the last-mile solution. The partnership—whose details have not been disclosed-- is the latest in a series of acquisitions aimed at streamlining the global operation.

The Best Christmas Campaigns in the World of Delivery

It’s that  time of year again, tis the season to deliver. Deliver companies are upping their game to spread the holiday cheer. This year these 5 delivery companies took the extra step to convince consumers that they should be the ones to spread the joy: