How does our pricing work?

At Bringg we understand that businesses of different sizes have different needs and different size budgets. That’s why we’ve created a pricing structure with multiple options, so you can always find a plan that’s right for you.

Each plan has two components:

  1. A starting amount of orders included in the plan’s monthly base price
  2. Additional capacity packages which can be purchased at a reduced price

With each plan, the higher the order capacity you commit to the lower the price per order becomes

General Conditions – Please Read the Fine Print

Plans are all based on an annual 12-month contract billed monthly. If the basic capacity purchased is exceeded, an Additional Capacity Package will be added and billed in the following month. Order capacity is renewed monthly. Unused capacity will NOT be transferred to the next month. Certain features are disabled in Essential and Starter plans such as long-term (more than one month) delivery data record keeping and multiple branch support. Additional charges apply for SMSs outside the US.

You can find all of our information about pricing here: Pricing.