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Weekly Update | September 30th, 2015

 New and Improved Task Inventory

Scanning Items to Update Task Inventory

Are your drivers tired of manually updating their task inventory? Notebooks and paper clippings, charts and manual management of the inventory, are headaches your drivers would gladly do without! A new feature in the Bringg driver app allows the driver to scan the delivered items to automatically update the task inventory!* Next time your drivers run low on items, you can avoid unnecessary confusion and frustrating phone calls. Simply check the task inventory to know whether they have the capacity to complete new orders.

*Available on Android. Coming Soon to Iphone

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Submit tickets from your dashboard

At Bringg we work very hard to make your daily experience run seamlessly. Despite this, every once in awhile, an issue comes up that needs to be addressed. We have added a button to the administrator dashboard so you can easily alert our support desk to any issues that may arise or any requests you may have.Your ticket will be solved and you will be up and running flawlessly again as quickly as possible .

 Check with your customer to see how much they appreciate your improved service. has!


A Kuwait based E-commerce solution, and proud user of the Bringg Platform! Mr.Babu heard about Bringg from their colleagues – and after a very short trial, they knew that this boost to their service was by no means optional! Utilizing Bringg’s tracking capabilities, meticulously re-assures the successful arrival of their deliveries. In addition, as Mr.Babu are very sensitive to their customers needs, they use Bringg’s reporting capabilities to help them keep track of customer satisfaction and optimize the quality of their service. With the ongoing compliments they keep getting from customers who value the improved service – no wonder they were so glad to recommend Bringg to their friends and colleagues!

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