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Weekly Update | September 16th, 2015

 Keep track of your weekly progress without lifting a finger

Weekly Analysis Reports

It’s been a long week.. Don’t stay longer than you have to! Introducing: Bringg’s Weekly Analysis Report! Have your weekly statistics automatically analyzed and the results sent directly to your email. Our “Admin Summary Report” will track your weekly orders, comparing your completed and cancelled orders. In addition, it will also offer valuable insight about your strongest and weakest days, the average number of orders per driver, the number of customers who tracked their delivery, driver ratings and much more! Simply go to “your profile” and check the box next to “Admin Summary Emails.” You will be amazed by the information you will have at your fingertips.

Let customers charge their credit cards on site

NEW: Payment feature in driver app

Now, in addition to taking pictures and collecting signatures, your drivers can also take credit card payments on-site*. The customer does not have to provide a credit card upon requesting the order. Rather, the driver can simply charge the customer’s credit card on-site. This gives customers a stronger sense of security and greater flexibility, as sensitive data doesn’t have to be provided online or over the phone.

* Available on Android. Coming Soon to Iphone.

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It is the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. While we have been working hard to provide you with great service until now, the return to school has also inspired us to make improvements all around – especially making your life even easier! If you have any advice or feedback on how we can further help you succeed, please email us at Looking forward to hearing from you. Get excited for the GREATEST year yet!!




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