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Weekly Update | September 2nd, 2015

Tired of wasting time filling in the same orders over and over? The solution is simple – duplicate tasks!

Duplicate Tasks

Do you ever get repeat orders? Gone are the days of needlessly having to enter the same information over and over again! Now, you can duplicate tasks from your order history, and the order form will auto-fill with the information from the first order. If the new order is slightly different, you can also edit the form in whatever way you wish. For example, if you know that you will have an order multiple days in a row, just duplicate the first order and change the delivery time on each of the new orders. Simply go to your order history, click on the order and choose “Duplicate” from the list of actions. You will be surprised by how much time you save!

Business will never again remain in the dark about their consumers’ deliveries!

Let Everyone Track Orders

You can now keep both the businesses you serve and their consumers in the loop when using our public task form. In addition to automatically notifying the consumer when the driver is en route, you can now send the business a link to track their deliveries in real time. The business will see a list of your drivers, as well as their current location. Now every business will have the opportunity to provide the best possible experience to their consumers.

In case you need further incentive to optimize and speed up your deliveries…


In a recent poll by Lightspeed GMI*, next day delivery ranked as the most important perk of online-shopping clubs among 18-44 year olds. In fact, 30% of all people polled ranked it as the BIGGEST benefit of membership! Meanwhile, another poll by Hall & partners* shows that 75% of online shoppers said they were more likely to buy from an online retailer if they were happy with the delivery, and 57% said they like to know what stage their delivery is at. Let’s face it! On-demand deliveries are key to a successful business. People want their products delivered quickly and efficiently! Bringg is fully committed to improving your deliveries and keeping your customers satisfied.

*statistics taken from: DemandSpeedy-Delivery-Loyalty/1012859#sthash.kQK8IqXM.dpuf



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