We are extremely happy to launch our new monthly email update!
Here we will announce all the new features and company updates from Bringg.
We look forward to hearing from you about the features you would like to see, ideas you have that can make the service better, or any issue or concern you have.
Simply reply to this email.


New Screen: “The Driver is Here”
Now when the driver hits “Arrive” your customers will receive a screen announcing his arrival.
Think how wonderful that is for customers asking for the drivers not to use the doorbell.


Customization – Make Bringg Your Own
In the consumer tracking screen, you can now customize your delivery pin, destination flag and company logo, using our API calls.
In the Dashboard you can also customize the header (to match your own company’s colors), the ETA background, title and time colors.


Email The Track Location Screen
Now, you can choose to share the location of your drivers either by SMS or by email.
Some customers prefer not to receive text messages and that’s OK. Customers can receive the tracking screen now via SMS and/or email. Choose what’s best for your customers.