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New Ways to Dispatch, Get our SDK and Automated Check-ins

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February was a very productive month at Bringg.
As usual you will find that this month’s newsletter is packed with inspiration and updates on the new features we released that can help you make the most out of your Bringg account.


We added many functionalities and tabs to your dashboard!
The Bringg dashboard has undergone major updating. We added 2 tabs on the top navigation. You can now find an “Orders” and “Reports” tab. The Orders tab allows you to view all your past orders and the Reports tab can generate some comprehensive reports to help you optimize your deliveries!
We also added some further configuration to your account. Click on the settings icon next to your company name (right hand corner of the screen) to configure your account.

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Have You Tried Our Dispatching Grab Mode?
Bringg offers many ways to dispatch orders to drivers. One of our most popular ways is to use our Grab Mode. This means that all your drivers receive all your orders and you enable them to choose to accept it. The first driver to grab the order, gets it! This is especially helpful for hectic businesses that prefer a no-touch solution for managing their deliveries.

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Bringg is Featured On TechCrunch!
Our official debut to the world began with a great piece on Techcrunch. Titled “Bringg Lets Any Business Offer Uber-Like Experiences To Their Customers” the piece nailed the essence of Bringg: “Bringg develops a way for any company to integrate an on-demand service offering an Uber-like user experience into their own products – web, mobile or otherwise. With Bringg, the idea is not to create consumer-facing mobile applications similar to Uber’s, but instead to allow a business to communicate with customers about the status of their driver’s whereabouts however they see fit.”

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