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Weekly Update | July 8, 2015

Having trouble keeping track of tips? Allow the customer to tip directly as part of the bill!

Our new Tipping Experience!

Tipping will no longer be a hassle for the customer or the driver. Customers are now able to easily tip the drivers directly from their phones, by simply adding the desired tip to their order. This saves everyone time, energy and helps manage tips as efficiently as possible. All you have to do is ‘enable tips’ on your dashboard here!

Personalize your experience by customizing the screens to themes that represent your business!

welcome to customization!

Think our screen isn’t right for you? Welcome to Customization! Want the customer screen to personally represent your business? No problem! You can upload your logo, pictures of your delivery trucks, and pictures of your destinations. You can also enable the features that you think are necessary, and disable any features that you think unnecessary for the task to be properly carried out, such as enabling the customer to call the merchant, but disabling him from calling the driver. Check it out here

Need more information about Bringg?

Attend our webinar!

On July 29th at 11:00 AM EST/8:00 AM PST tune into our webinar to learn more about the first steps of setting up your Bringg account! We recommend using Internet Explorer to join. Find it here!


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