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New Ways to Dispatch, Get our SDK and Automated Check-ins

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February is a busy month for the
delivery world. If you didn’t already know, February 9th is National
Pizza Pie Day(!) and Valentine’s Day is held on February 14th.
are a great opportunities to really take Bringg for a ride. This
month’s newsletter will provide you with inspiration, and update you on
the new Bringg features that can help you make the most out of
this great month.


Let Us Do the Dispatching For You!
You probably know of the manual dispatching option of orders to drivers. But did you know you can also automatically dispatch orders to the nearest available driver according to the business rules you set in advance?
Another great option is to use our ‘Grab’ mode dispatch option in order to send the notification of the delivery to all your drivers and have the first one to ‘grab’ the delivery, be the one that actually delivers it.

Contact Us to choose the right option for you.
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Our new SDK for iOS and Android
If you have your own ordering app,
you will be thrilled to learn that you can now embed Bringg directly in
your app. Our new SDK enables you to send a push notification that
opens a real-time tracking map directly in your app, followed by the
rating screen. This will make Bringg completely your own.
Get the SDK


Auto Check-In & Check-Out
We know how busy your drivers get during rush hours. We want to help them get the job done without too many hassles. That is why we recently rolled out a new feature that will have a major impact on the easiness of use of the driver’s mobile app. The only thing the driver needs to do now, is click, ‘Heading Your Way’. We will make sure that as soon as the driver is close to the destination the Arrived / Checked-In option is automatically triggered and so will the Left / Checked-Out option, as the driver leaves the destination.
This will help the driver complete orders flawlessly and keep both the business and the customer in the know at any given time.

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