Meanwhile, At Bringg…
Weekly Update | August 26th, 2015

Respect your clients’ schedules- Use our virtual doorbell!

Client App Vibrates

Imagine having a sleeping baby or a big meeting in your house. A badly timed doorbell will disrupt the peace and quiet and sometimes even ruin the whole day. Don’t put your customers through this pain. The client app now vibrates when the driver arrives at the destination. This turns the app into a virtual doorbell that will quietly and effectively alert the client to the presence of the driver. This allows deliveries to be completed seamlessly, without risk of disturbing the client.

Need some more structure in your deliveries? Organize them by driver.

Grouping by Driver

Want to manage each driver individually? To add an order to the delivery process, you can now view your tasks grouped by drivers. Check the list view to see which tasks are assigned to a certain driver. From here, you can also perform bulk actions and transfer multiple tasks at a time from one driver to another, simplifying life for everyone.

Share your reports and work as a team!

Report Sharing

Sometimes reports are so important that other administrators need to see them as well. Bringg now enables you to send a link for each report to other people within your organization. This will allow you to effectively share and discuss reports with other administrators and collectively use the reports to make your deliveries even more efficient. Now, everyone can work together to make your company the best it can be!



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