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Weekly Update | August 19th, 2015

Divide and Conquer- Organize Drivers and Orders into Teams!


Sorting into “Teams” is a great way to divide drivers and orders by branches, geographical areas, VIP members or any other division you can think of, while still operating within the same account. “Teams” can be enabled by checking the “support teams” box in the merchant profile. Creating teams can either be done through the API or you can simply request that our staff at Bringg create the teams for you.
Then, drivers and orders can be added to each team. After the admin has created the drivers, they can each be assigned to a team by editing the drivers. To assign an order to a team, simply choose the team in the “add order” dialog.
For example, if the business has multiple branches, each branch would represent a separate team, and the admin can assign the orders to the relevant teams. From there, each team’s dispatcher can assign the orders to their drivers. This will help you stay organized and successfully complete all your deliveries.

Evaluate to Improve!

Daily Engagement Report

Keep tabs on the orders and compare the orders assigned with the orders completed. You can also view the total number of hours your drivers worked, as well as the distance traveled, giving the drivers a daily incentive to do their best. This daily evaluation will help ensure everyone is working efficiently and productively.  

Match available inventories to your customers’ orders

Task Inventory*

Too often, drivers are assigned with orders, that, given the resources available to them, simply cannot be carried out. To help you operate at optimal efficiency, we have added a task inventory. When a driver delivers an order, a form can be filled out detailing exactly how many of each item was delivered to each stop. This way, you will be able to know exactly how many of each item the driver has left in the car and which drivers are capable of completing incoming orders. Now, drivers will only be assigned tasks they have the resources to complete, saving everyone time and unnecessary frustrations.
*Currently available on android only, via API integration.



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