Meanwhile, At Bringg…
Weekly Update | August 12th, 2015

Encourage your customers to order through Bringg straight from the internet or their mobile phones.


Each company gets a link with a public task form that they can share with their customers, making it easy for them to place orders on-line.  This is available both from a computer and a mobile phone. These orders are then automatically added as Bringg tasks. The company can also choose to close the link during off-hours, so no customer gets frustrated waiting for an order  when the company is closed.

Our list view improvements will make life even more convenient for your administrators

List-View Overhaul

You can now perform bulk-actions on our list view by checking the boxes to the left of the task, saving your administrators time, and making their lives even easier. Also, you can now lock certain tasks so that multiple administrators don’t try to perform the same tasks.

A closer look at one of the many  companies that love Bringg

Say Hello to TOYOURDOOR24

One company that loves using Bringg is ToYourDoor24! This company based in Spain is an online food shopping platform that allows you to shop at home and have your food delivered to your door in 60 minutes free of charge! So cool! ToYourDoor24’s favorite features are customer alerts and driver tracking as well as collecting signatures on delivery. What’s your favorite feature?


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