Healthy Living @ Bringg

Working at Bringg means following the lead of our founders, who are both health and sports freaks. They participate in Ultraruns and Skydive Ultraruns (which basically means skydiving to the starting line of a 50 km run) on a regular basis. They don’t subsidize lunch for us – instead they order in mountains of fruits and vegetables, encouraging us to eat healthy. They themselves stand, chop and eat a 3 lb. salad each and every day!

We all have families that mean everything to us. No matter what, they come first. But we’re overachievers – the job always gets done, and always on time. And yeah, we are also highly motivated to over-deliver!

Each employee is not only permitted to go to the gym (which BTW is subsidized), but practically expected and encouraged to do so during work hours!

Bringg’s Values


We are responsible for our creations. It takes some trial and error to ensure that everything runs successfully, and until then, we do not assign blame. Instead, we work together to make our product the best.


No politics and no hidden agendas—our focus is on keeping everything at face value and easy to understand.


Looking outside the box is crucial to finding the best solution for the problem at hand. That’s why we constantly evolve our product and our company. For us, it’s not enough to find the solution – our goal is to constantly improve it.


We believe in working to live, not living to work. We need our hobbies and our time with families and friends in order to become our best selves.


We strive to never take anything for granted, whether inside or outside the company. Constantly reassessing technology, visual design and product strategy is how we stay ahead of the game.


Creating great things doesn’t just take talent – it takes time and effort. We accept those hardships gladly. The challenges of entrepreneurship don’t just define us – they fulfill us.