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[Supply Chain Game Changer] Cutting out the Middleman: The Growth of Direct-to-Consumer!

Leading brands that once upon a time relied solely on partners to distribute their products are now embracing Direct-to-Consumer sales, which can be a powerful distribution channel with the added benefit of full control over the supply chain, and therefore also in full control of the overall brand experience.

[Tech Crunch] Panera Launches Nationwide Food Delivery Service

Panera today is jumping fully on the on-demand food delivery bandwagon. The restaurant chain this morning announced the nationwide launch of its delivery service, which will reach 897 cities and 43 states across the U.S. The service continues to be powered by the delivery startup Bringg, the delivery logistics platform that raised an additional $12 million in funding earlier this year.

[Inbound Logistics] Bringg Selected as Top 100 Logistics IT Provider

Bringg was selected as a top 100 Logistics IT provider by Inbound Logistics magazine. IL editors research capabilities, then select 100 technology providers offering solutions designed to meet business logistics managers’ supply chain challenges.

[Press Release] Bringg Adds Auto-Dispatch To Its Delivery Logistics Platform, Helping Businesses Improve On-Time Deliveries by More Than 50%

First auto-dispatch deployments with leading restaurant chain lowered dispatcher workloads by up to 70%, as a result of automatically distributing orders to drivers in real-time.

[Supply Chain Brain] Innovations in Last-Mile Delivery

Experts weigh in on the many innovations that are helping e-commerce retailers to reach shoppers wherever and whenever they wish to take delivery of their orders. New and still-developing technologies are helping to solve the "last-mile" challenge. A SupplyChainBrain "In the Know" presentation.

[Forbes] These Startups Could Give Amazon’s Retail Competitors An Edge

With over 250 retail tech companies in the fields of logistics, robotics, dynamic pricing, drone delivery, in-store experience, and e-commerce, Israel’s retail tech space is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Israeli tech ecosystem. And this is not going unnoticed.

[eDelivery] The Seven Things a State-of-the-art Delivery Operation Requires

A state of the art delivery operation should be made up of seven key elements, according to Raanan Cohen, co-founder and CEO of technology delivery platform Bringg.

[Sueddeutsche Zeitung] Die Mobil-Macher

In Tel Aviv testen Unternehmer, wie Mobilität in Zukunft aussehen könnte. Sie entwerfen Fahrpläne, die Echtzeitdaten verwenden, Logistik, die Amazon schlagen soll, und Chips, die Autos leichter machen.

[Silicon Republic] 23 amazing start-ups from Tel Aviv to watch

Bringg is the creator of a SaaS platform used by companies in the logistics, retail, food, CPG and services industry, aimed at achieving logistical excellence despite complex delivery ecosystems. Founded by Lior Sion and Raanan Cohen, the start-up has raised $31m so far.

[Food Service Equipment Reports] Store To Door

"Owning the supply chain all the way to the customer enables businesses to control the entire customer experience." says Raanan Cohen, CEO of software logistics platform bringg, Tel Aviv, Israel, "leveraging their brand at every single touch-point, from the driver's uniform to the giveaways they distribute."

[Calcalist] 2018 Will See Ceaseless Change in Delivery Logistics

Bringg CEO, Raanan Cohen discussing in Calcalist some of the trends impacting delivery logistics in 2018 - including real-time visibility, big data and the the sharing economy.

[Press Release] Bringg Announces $22 Million Series B Round Following Strong Deal Traction with International Brands

Follow-up $12 million round, which includes automotive leader Dr. Shmuel Harlap, shipping and real estate magnate Eyal Ofer (via O.G. Tech Ventures), and Salesforce Ventures, will help further accelerate Bringg’s international growth.
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