From Operations and Dispatch, Through Warehouse and Drivers and All the Way to The Customer

The Bringg logistics technology platform includes solutions for every aspect of the complex delivery ecosystem – from the headquarters and the dispatchers, through to the warehouse managers and drivers, and all the way to the customers and consumers.

Delivery Operations

Plan, dispatch and analyze tasks & deliveries through a single customizable dashboard

  • Dispatch and track drivers and their communications in real-time

  • Dispatch in grab (driver’s choice), manual or automatic mode

  • Manage crowdsourced and third party delivery fleets in one centralized view

  • Analyze and optimize the performance and utilization of your fleet and drivers

  • Measure customer satisfaction and average rating over periods of time

  • Prepare warehouse for pickup through staging, scanning and printing

Warehouse Operations

Expand the reach of your logistics network to any location for more efficient operations

  • Turn any store into a front warehouse directly connected to your back warehouse

  • Bring all parcels for a certain area to a single point for customer pick-up

  • Collect all parcels from a certain area in a single point for driver pick-up

  • Notify customers they can pick-up parcels with verification codes and map

  • Collect payments and signatures from customers upon pick-up/drop-off

  • Maintain chain of custody and inventory control throughout the process

Driver Application

Everything your drivers need for their work, completely hands-free

  • Communicate and share location with managers, dispatch and customers

  • Receive tasks and detailed order info and easily navigate to delivery destinations

  • Maintain proof of delivery and chain of custody for full control of the supply chain

  • Collect barcodes, information, payments, photos, forms, comments and signatures

  • Key functionality can be embedded in existing or third party driver apps

Customer Experience

A delightful branded experience ensures that your customers will return

  • Customers receive an SMS linking to a web app (no download required)

  • Track deliveries in real-time on a live map and receive dynamic alerts

  • Communicate with drivers and call center for any updates or requests

  • Tip the driver, provide feedback and rate the overall delivery experience

  • Can be fully tailored to brand needs and embedded in any website or app

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