Bringg is changing the way businesses deliver goods and services by enabling on-demand efficiency and providing the “Uber-like” customer experience.

In the on-demand era, the rules of the game have changed, and businesses that deliver goods and services need to keep up. The question is, do you want to be one of the companies that sets the trend before it becomes an industry standard?

Any business that manages deliveries and / or fields employees can use Bringg.
We are especially helpful for:
* Moving Companies
* Restaurants
* Service Providers (Repairmen, Technicians)
* Transportation Companies – (Companies that have a fleet of busses or trucks)
* Commercial companies who ship packages to customers

Bringg’s platform has three elements:

MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD: A web-based platform for managing delivery operations. This includes dispatch functionality that allows dispatchers to assign tasks manually or automatically (based on business rules). Additionally, they can track drivers through a map, communicate with drivers, analyze and monitor delivery efficiency through reporting.

DRIVER APP: An iOS and Android app for managing workflow. Drivers can manage their tasks; their new assignments appear as push notifications, and all scheduled tasks are easily visible within the app. Drivers can easily navigate to their location via one click mapping functionality, they can also take pictures as proof of delivery, and even collect signatures.

CUSTOMER MOBILE EXPERIENCE: A branded mobile experience for tracking deliveries. The customer receives an SMS with a link to an HTML 5 application that allows them to track their delivery on a map. Additionally, they can communicate with their driver by message or phone, rate the driver as well as tip them.

Please contact our sales team at for registration details.
The first pop up window you see when you register is “Add Employee”.
You will be requested to add the employee’s name, phone number and email.
You can always add additional employees as your business grows.
Just click the blue button “Add Employee” on the right hand side of the dashboard, and enter the requested details.
Once you add an employee, they will receive an SMS message with a link to download the app from the App Store/Google Play in addition to the log-in credentials they need in order to use the app.
You can edit employees’ emails, passwords, profile picture, title and more by clicking on their name in the “map view”.
On the top left hand side of the screen you will find the “Add Task” button.
Additionally, you can find this button in each employee personal page.

After clicking “Add Task”, you will receive a window asking you to add a title to your task, the name and details of your customer, and special notes regarding the delivery.
This is the place to write things like: “Don’t ring the bell there is a sleeping baby.” “Leave the package with the doorman” etc.

This window is also the place to state when the task is due. If it is immediate, check the ASAP box.
If you are pre-scheduling it to a future time, choose the date and time for the task.

You can also add multiple stops to a task, stating what needs to be done at each stop.

Finally assign the task to a specific employee and click – “Add this Task”.

After adding the task, the delivery person assigned to this task will receive a notification of the task to his or her smartphone.

Customers can be added via the Add Task window.
Simply type in their name, address and phone number in that window.

If you already have a specific customer in the system from previous tasks, you can choose them from the drop-down window in the same field you would have entered the customer’s name.

You are able to choose between Restaurant or RDS mode on your dashboard.

Both modes currently add the option to add payments to the orders, get reports on prices, totals, tips etc.

Additionally, RDS mode adds an option for multiple pickups for a driver.

Absolutely! If for any reason you need to reassign a task, you can simply choose from the drop-down menu next to the name of the employee already assigned to the task and choose a different employee.
Once chosen, the new employee will receive the ‘Accept Task” notification and can begin the task.
Choosing the driver to assign the task is extremely easy.

As a dispatcher, you can see the location of your drivers in real time in the “Manage” tab of the dashboard.
Simply choose the driver closest to the destination.

Please note that the locations are color coded, meaning that the map pin of each employee changes according to their status:

Green – Available to be assigned
Blue – Currently on Task
Red – About to be, or currently is, late to a destination

The system is also proactive with notifying the dispatcher if an employee is late.

You sure can!
This means that instead of a generic map pin, your customers will see your custom icon moving on the map after opening the link received in the SMS message.

There are other options to customize the details your customers receive.
These are all part of Bringg’s Premium Plans.


Bringg is completely modular and has been built with APIs that enable it to be integrated to almost any system.

Bringg can serve both as an off-the-shelf solution where our customers can use all 3 parts of the system (dashboard, mobile app and SMS text) or use just the parts they need in order to integrate with systems they already have working.

We have many customers that provide only the last mile solution, meaning – they only use the SMS sent to their customers.

No way!
There is absolutely no reason for drivers to be concerned regarding the data used for Bringg, as it is kept completely private.

Bringg doesn’t collect any data that is not related to deliveries, and we do not track any activity while a driver is off shift. The system keeps this data for no other reason or use besides what is needed to track drivers’ location while they are on shift.

Rest assured that Bringg will never provide this data to anyone, ever.

For Drivers


Once a driver completes a task and hits the ‘left location’ button, location data is no longer available to be seen by anyone.

If a customer tries to refresh the link they received in the SMS message, they will only see a rating screen, asking them to provide feedback on the quality of service they received.

As a side note – drivers can not be tracked either by dispatch or customers once ‘Off-Shift’.

How much data does Bringg use? The short answer: not a lot.

Bringg’s data usage is minimal and shouldn’t have a significant impact on a driver’s data limits. Bringg uses between 180 and 220 KB of data per work-day. Using this figure, you can project Bringg’s monthly data consumption and make sure it does not put you over your monthly data limits.

Personal data is… well, personal. We know this and want to assure you that we keep it that way.

We totally get that, most of the time, Bringg is used on a driver’s personal mobile device. Our number one goal is to make using Bringg as simple as possible, while keeping to the strictest privacy standards.

A mobile device running Bringg sends to details like device location, battery status and specific activities on Bringg (e.g: Orders delivered, Time of delivery, etc.)… HOWEVER, this is only when a driver is on-shift

While off-shift Bringg collects no data whatsoever.

Feel free to check out our privacy policy for more details:

The Bringg driver app, just like any other app, is running in the background of your phone once it is opened. Similar to any other app, it consumes some of the battery to operate. In order to provide the great customer experience Bringg offers – allowing customers to track the driver’s progress – it uses GPS as well. Because of this, Bringg uses slightly more battery than non-GPS apps. Yet, the difference between these non-GPS apps and the Bringg driver app, in terms of battery consumption, is minimal. We are able to make this happen by various methods we use in order to optimize the usage and data sampling.
SMS messages are no cost in the United States. Outside the United States, other costs may apply.
You can read more about our pricing here.
Our basic plan costs only $10 per driver per month and our PRO plan costs $20 per driver per month. Additionally, pricing can be done on the basis of deliveries per month at $.20 per delivery. This option will receive all the features available in the PRO plan.
Enterprises that need customization and heavy integration are welcome to contact us and receive a dedicated quote.
Being our partner means providing increased delivery efficiency, greater driver visibility, and amazing customer experience for the businesses you work with.

Our partnerships are mutually beneficial relationship:

1) Increase your value proposition: Provide your customers a service they can not offer on their own.

2) Find new customers: We share target markets with our partners. By becoming our partner, we will work together to see if we can provide a broad solution to our shared customers.

3) Make Money: Every new customer you refer will earn you an ongoing revenue share.

Whether you own an online ordering site, develop the software restaurants use, have customers that are businesses that deliver, or are simply a Bringg enthusiast, we would love to have you as our partner!