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[Press Release] Unimasters Logistics Brings Visibility to the Last Mile

Bringg, the leader in last mile delivery management technology, has partnered with supply chain management company Unimasters Logistics to enable full visibility over the last mile.
Unimasters is an advanced supply chain management company with regional infrastructure and global reach through first-class partners in 177 countries. The company provides simple and innovative “one-stop-shop” solutions of complex logistics problems.

[Camcode] Top Logistics Podcasts: 50 Informative Podcasts on Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Transport, and All Things Logistics

Sometimes, it is best to hear from industry peers and learn from their trials, tribulations, and successes. We have rounded up some of the top logistics podcasts from leaders in logistics, supply chain management, procurement, transportation, shipping, 3PL, and more so you can gain insight from their logistics processes. Some of the podcasts include a few episodes that center on specific logistics issues, while others include dozens of episodes and archives covering many topics in the field.