18 05, 2017

MonkeyMedia Software: Optimizing Deliveries

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The MonkeyMedia Software story began 20 years ago at Tony’s Deli in Vancouver. Tony’s Deli had a thriving retail and catering operation, desperate for innovation.  As Erle Dardick, owner at Tony’s Deli, and eventually founder & CEO at MonkeyMedia Software, realized, his retail point-of-sale register did not have the functionality to [...]

15 05, 2017

Mass Customization in the Last Mile

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A “one size fits all” approach to customer service doesn’t cut it in this day and age. A customer-centric mindset means that, by definition, companies have to prioritize not only what customers want, but also when, where and how they want it. The logistics industry has continuously evolved with speed, [...]

24 04, 2017

Restaurant Chains Must Create In-House Fleets Before Food Delivery Companies Eat Their Lunch

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The food delivery business is going through unprecedented change. Established chains and independent restaurants, as well as deliver-only services, are all aggressively trying to get a bite out of consumer wallets. The market opportunity is enormous. Morgan Stanley Research points to a core addressable restaurant spend of $210 billion, of [...]

20 04, 2017

How To Beat Amazon: Bringg CEO Presentation at Logistics CIO Forum

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Last month, Bringg CEO Raanan Cohen took the stage to share some fascinating insights on the future of logistics at the Logistics CIO Forum in Amsterdam. Key topics covered include: The increase in customer-driven demand for simplicity. How service is becoming just as important as the products for leading brands. How [...]

28 02, 2017

Bigger & Better: inside Bringg’s redesigned HQ

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  As our company quickly expands and the Bringg team grows, we’ve doubled the size of our Tel Aviv headquarters. And we’re doing it in style to make sure every Bringgster has the best space to work and support our customers around the world as they optimize their deliveries with [...]

16 02, 2017

Rules of Engagement

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There are many determining factors in the way we value the quality of a product or service—tangible and intangible. Person A finds the finds the waiter’s friendliness to be more important than the crispiness of his fries, Person B cares only about how his bun gets toasted, and C- well [...]

7 02, 2017

Bringg Conference Schedule: March 2017

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The Bringg team will be attending key conferences around the world throughout 2017. This March, we'll be in Nashville, Atlanta, Amsterdam and San Francisco. If you're planning to attend one of these events, we'd love to hear from you! Email us to book a meeting with our team via sales@bringg.com Panera Family [...]