Optimizing Deliveries: Munch-Thru Case Study

In August 2015, Craig Miller established Munch Thru in Ashton, UK. The business idea was simple: providing the best service for people to order food from their favorite chain and get it delivered right to their door.

With a fleet of four vehicles, Munch Thru currently operates in one location, delivering 200 weekly food orders within a 2 mile radius. They deliver meals from the most popular restaurant chains such as McDonald’s, KFC and Five Guys – to customers who’d like to get their food delivered at home.


Munch Thru invested time, money and effort to bring customers the best possible service and experience. The company even went as far as to develop new hardware, fitting every Munch Thru vehicle with bespoke heat boxes that keep the food above 63C. The extra-care with delivery has customers saying they’re getting their meal “hotter than it comes from the restaurant”.

Investing in great customer experience pays off.  Recent research shows that 85% percent of customers are willing to spend 25% more on a company with great customer service. Great customer service is also 55% more likely to inspire recommendations amongst customers.

The three guiding principles that Munch Thru established as a company are:

  • Hot Food
  • On-time Delivery
  • Excellent Communication

To be able to bring their vision to life with customers, Munch Thru uses Bringg to manage their operations and to offer transparency throughout the entire business.

Bringg is at the heart of Munch Thru’s communication between customers, drivers and HQ. Customers receive a text message when their driver leaves the restaurant and a second text upon arrival – something which means there’s no need for ‘knock and wait’ on either side. This superior customer service has given them a competitive edge, with over 85% of their orders coming from returning clients that love and trust the Munch Thru experience.




In addition, Munch Thru is using Bringg as the main source of their customer insights, analytics and accounting. By inputting all orders on the Bringg console, the company gets a clear picture about what’s happening with his business at any given time – from the current location of his drivers to his monthly finances.

Using Bringg’s dashboard, Munch Thru are now able to optimize the logistics planning and assign orders based on how drivers are progressing in real time.

While Munch Thru started this year as a pilot, Craig has been ecstatic with the success. He cracked the business model and optimized the operational logistics and now has his sights set on nation-wide expansion in 2017. This will be done by finding franchisees around the country that can replicate this success story and become business partners.

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