Author: Bringg Team

[Hospitality Technology] 5 Things to Consider Before Developing Food Delivery Operations

Food delivery is big business. Consumers demand convenience and choice when it comes to takeout. Food delivery options used to be limited to pizza and Chinese food, but now virtually any type of cuisine is available to the public. Morgan Stanley Research points to a core addressable annual restaurant spend of $210 billion in the United States alone, of which online food delivery currently comprises only $10 billion – less than 5 percent.

Webinar: Amazon Has Changed The Rules

The delivery landscape is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up, but it’s clear that those who do not adapt will get left behind

Like many sectors, the retail landscape has been drastically transformed, changing the rules of engagement, creating new battlegrounds, and compelling retailers to respond with speed and pervasiveness to ensure that they will stay relevant for the long term.

View this webinar recording to discover ways in which retailers can:

• Establish a competitive advantage in the age of the empowered customer

• Adopt customer-centric systems to address ever-changing expectations

• Utilize the easy scalability of digital solutions to alleviate cost pressures

• Leverage the delivery innovation and sharing economy trends in their favor